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Only 50 meters from the sea and 150 meters from the center of Prčanj, the newly built apartments are close to everything you need for easy living in a beautiful place: Post Office, restaurant, bakery, supermarket...

Located in the sunniest place of stunning Boka Kotorska bay, Prčanj is well-known for the hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants.

Boka Kotorska

The Gulf of Kotor (Boka kotorska) in western Montenegro, is a winding bay on the Adriatic Sea. The gulf, sometimes called Europe's southernmost fjord, is in fact a submerged river canyon of the disintegrated Bokelj River which used to run from the high mountain plateaus of Mount Orjen. It is an important tourist attraction in Montenegro.

The gulf has been inhabited since antiquity and has some well preserved medieval towns. The picturesque towns of Kotor, Risan, Tivat, Perast and Herceg Novi, along with their natural surroundings, are major touristic attractions.

The religious heritage of the land around the gulf — its numerous Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries — makes it one of the major pilgrimage sites of the region.


Ever since Prčanj was built, its inhabitants were oriented towards the sea. They used to go fishing or to "vijać" – that's how they called their long overseas voyages. The successfulness of their voyages is depicted in luxurious palaces surrounded with exotic plants and in Virgin Mary Cathedral in the city center.

The seafarers from Prčanj sailed the seas and their wives waited for them for days, months, years... In Prčanj there is still a three-part house with three windows at wich three sisters waited for the same captain. Time was passing by, the first sister died, then the second one too, the captain wasn't coming back. The first window was sealed up, then the second one too. There was no one to seal up third window.

Thanks to the special micro-climatic conditions in Prčanj, a special health institution Vrmac for treatment of bronchitis, asthma and allergic diseases was established.

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